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Sea Ambulance Specifications
With a Mono Hull and composite body is a high speed vessel which is used as an Ambulance vessel for aid purposes.
Vessel Capabilities
Vessel body is designed in such a way that it can operate 20 years in Gulf Area, Oman Sea climate situation.
This has an operating capability in force 3 and seafaring in force 4.
Also suitable winch and crane are considered for pushing injured human to out of water.
Does not overwhelmed with observing the above usage guidelines (except cases including vessels accident which leads to body failure, Fire resulting from an incorrect user performance) that for increasing vessel safety ratio, vessel bottom will be filed by foams with 0% water absorbing.

Has an acceptability of two patients on bed that is one according to A standard and another to B standard with relevant equipment for rescue.In addition, its considered two chairs in cabin for two patients who are in good physical condition.
This vessel has one crane and one windlass for pushing out of water in crisis conditions.